Working from home today

September 28, Mon
Affected Service: Activity Geographical location
  • Doing research
    A series of online meeting and hopefully some coding in between.

    08:15, Sep 25 CEST
  • Teaching/preparing to teach
    Starting the day out with Didaktisk Beredskab (Didactical Emergency Help): ILOs for a quantum mechanics course.

    08:17, Sep 25 CEST
  • Having a break
    Gone for a walk

    10:13, Sep 25 CEST
  • In a meeting
    Research meeting (from 11:30, sorry no update).

    12:25, Sep 25 CEST
  • Working on publication
    Working on a paper about classifying students' passing and failing.

    14:38, Sep 25 CEST
  • Teaching/preparing to teach

    15:13, Sep 25 CEST
  • Stopped working for today

    14:21, Sep 28 CEST
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